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The Mojano Cafè & Food for a Snack

Bar & Cafè al Mojano Parking di Assisi

The Mojano Cafè and Mojano Food is the protagonist to Mojano Parking, located at “Level 0”. Here, you will taste a wide range of sweet, savory products and first dish. First dish: typical italian cuisine. Savory food: variety of pizza and focaccia, accompanied by a wide selection of delicacies for snacks at all hours of […]

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Facilities For All

Servizi For All - Mojano Assisi Parking

The Mojano Assisi Parking has developed a set of services dedicated to travelers and families, declining the concepts of warmth, comfort and safety. Guests, once parked the car at the Mojano Assisi Parking have the following services: Relax Area, Bar & Cafe, Shopping Gallery, Indoor Playground for Children, Restrooms, Wi-Fi Zone – Hotspots, Distributor products […]

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Tax Free Shopping Gallery in Assisi

Shopping- Gallery - Mojano Assisi Parking

At “Level 0” travelers will have the chance to experience the atmosphere of a shopping duty free. In the Shopping Gallery will find: Souvenirs, Religious items, Franciscan Crowns, Postcards and books, Handicraft products, Products Ceramic Art of Gubbio, Food and wine products. The Shopping Gallery is open all day with lunch break from 8.00 to […]

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