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Mojano Parking

As the birthplace of St Francis and with its marvels of Medieval architecture, Assisi – perched at the feet of Mount Subasio – attracts over four million visitors and pilgrims each year.

Given that the majority of tourists arrive by car, this vast influx of visitors requires adequate parking facilities. Situated beneath the city, near the ancient Porta Mojano gate, the Mojano Parking is a modern construction that has been built according to the highest standards.

Mojano Parking di Assisi, as the birthplace of St Francis and with its marvels of Medieval architecture, Assisi – perched at the feet of Monte Subasio – attracts over a million visitors and pilgrims each year.

The Mojano parking lot is located in a central area of town in relation to incoming traffic, directly beneath the old city walls

With the exception of one of the city’s parking lots that was able to host just a few tourist buses, prior to the construction of the Mojano Assisi Parking there was a total car parking capacity of no more than 600.

This was clearly not enough for a city that needs to be able to offer at least 1,500 parking places.

With its 300 car parking places, the escaletor to the city center, the Mojano Assisi Parking is the city’s largest and most efficient parking lot, strategically located in relation to traffic arriving from Santa Maria degli Angeli beneath.

Tourist coaches have a special area reserved for boarding and disembarking.

Perfectly within the hillside, the structure also houses an elegant and well organised shopping mall and a magnificent belvedere garden with breathtaking views over the Assisi basin.

Less than 200 away lies the old town centre of Assisi, with the Basilica of St Claire’s and Piazza del Comune, from which Via San Francesco leads to the Basilica of St Francis’ and the Sacred ConventIt’s available escalator to the city center.


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